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It might not be new to many people, Wechat is THE most popular IM+Social Media in China (Imagine Facebook + Whatsapp added together). I’ve never stopped being impressed by how weird, crazy and funny Wechat emoticons are. So in this article I’d like to introduce 3 series to you guys.

“嘿哈”大黄脸表情 Hey-ha big yellow face emoticons

The reason this series impressed me the most is because, it’s so compliant with the standard iPhone emoticons, no matter from a color theme, sizing, quality and brand guidelines perspective. Here is a quick preview.


Can you tell which are the standard iPhone emoticons, and which are from this “Hey-ha” big yellow face emoticons?

It’s now officially added to the Wechat standard emoticons, that really set this series apart from the rest of the emoticon designs. But prior to that, it’s downloadable in a package. See the standard explanation of each of the emoticons below (translated into English by CNGAG girl)


As you can see, a lot of these emoticons are really useful for day-to-day use. For example, Facepalm!! Don’t we all love the facepalm emoticon?!



Yes that’s right, each of these emoticons also have a high-resolution version, which proves the high quality! You can use the facepalm emoticon to show your frustration, to express your bad luck, to laugh at yourself, or simply, when you have nothing to say….

Such as:

“I totally forgot we’re meeting tonight wechat-emoticon-facepalm ”

“Do you really have to say it? wechat-emoticon-facepalm

wechat-emoticon-facepalm Fine, you win..”

….. well, you get the idea of how useful it can be.

In fact, when I’m not in WeChat I find it so difficult to express my feelings without using this emoticon. Apple, please consider adding this to your official range!

2. Raise Hand


I had a major cultural shock when I realised most of the non-Chinese people don’t get this. This is seriously our way of raising our hand in China (for example, when answering a question at school). The first time I realised this was when I wanted to ask a question during our team meeting, everyone looked soo puzzled when I raised my hand like this. I was like, huh, isn’t it obvious that I just wanna ask a question?

The picture below will explain this difference well enough.



See how different is it when Chinese students are raising their hands?

Once you understand that, it’s not difficult to understand this emoticon. Basically it means you wanna ask a question, or answer a question, or wanna join an activity (i.e. I’m in!)


“Who else wanna play paintball on Sunday?”

wechat-emoticon-raisehand me!”

3. Smart


Another emoticon that I JUST LOVE SO MUCH. (Maybe bcause I’m smart, haha) It’s a great way to give assurance/appreciation to others as well. I simply use it all the time! Especially when people get my joke, or when they say the things I expect them to say (such a manipulative bxxch I am right? 😛 )


“Oh man, you’re spot on! wechat-emoticon-smart

You can also use it when you wanna show your self-confidence that you’re a smart, sort of a “gotcha” thing. e.g.

“You’re just trying to trick me. wechat-emoticon-smart

“You definitely have a crush on her wechat-emoticon-smart

4. Smirk


This emoticon is kinda naughty, kinda overly-confident, kinda light-hearted. It’s very useful when you wanna pull people’s legs, or something that you might regret. So instead of saying “Just kidding” later, you put this emoticon. e.g.

“In fact I’m thinking of you tonight.. wechat-emoticon-smirk

“You look great today wechat-emoticon-smirk

Basically you don’t want people to take whatever you said too seriously when you use this emoticon. A very cheeky one!

5. Oh Yeah!


Very self-explantory, means you’re on a high mood! It’s amazing how they manage to fit in one face with two hands in a single emoticon, even in the smallest emoticon size, good job.


“Our company gives all the employees one day leave on xmas eve wechat-emoticon-ohyeah ”

6. Frown

Usually for you to express that you’re sorry, or things are out of your control. Quite straightforward.

毛表情 emoticons with hairs

After introducing the “Hey-ha” series, which eventually became an official WeChat emoticons, I’ll show you some of the examples of un-official emoticons. This means, anyone can add anything as a WeChat emoticon and spread it across different groups. If we see some emoticons that are interesting enough, we are likely to save it for our future use as well. There is no restriction in terms of the size, and for the format, it supports gif animations as well.

Now this is something I only saw on the WeChat emoticons. It amazed me so much when I saw it the first time. Emoticon with hairs!

They come in so many different types of shapes, formats and they look so real. See an example below:



Get the idea? Basicallly, for a moment you will be wondering, is there a hair on my screen? And you’re gonna try to wipe it away, except it’s still there.

When I saw it for the first time, I tried to scroll the screen and realised that the hair would follow the scrolling, then it definitely isn’t a real hair. But still, it is so real and so disturbing! LOL Not for OCDs to play with.

(Chinese people are so weird! I know right? 🙂

(Don’t we all love the last one with the small hand? lol)

Panda Face Emoticons And The Sort

Another personal favorite series of emoticons is this series that everyone who uses WeChat must have come across at one point. I don’t know what’s the official name of this series (if you know, please tell me), so I’ll just call it Panda Face Emoticons. Cos obviously, there’s a human’s face somehow there, super-imposed to a panda sorta thing. One example:


I love it because it’s so stupid, so awkward, and so weird. LOL. They purposely translate the captions in a Chinglish way. Actually the meaning should be “It’s just too late” (说什么都晚了)but if you translate it literally, it’s



都 = all

晚了 = late

Soooo stupid that I love it! Usually people use it a lot when the conversation reaches an awkward point, because the other party said something offensive.



And this one isn’t a panda – more like a cat. But it’s kinda the same sorta thing, basically the caption “不能笑!”  means ” (I) can’t laugh!”. So you can use it when you said something really ridiculous and pretend you’re serious about it.


Very vivid, very true! Means simply “Who cares?”

But what does “TM” mean? TM in Chinese is a abbreviation for “他妈 (ta ma in pinyin)”, literally means “his mother” – yup it’s a curse word. So in normal context, TM actually means something like “the heck” or “freaking”, so if you translate this sentence, it’s just like “who the heck cares” or “who freaking cares”. But just because it doesn’t use an entire English line, instead it put “TM” in the middle, it’s more light-hearted and funny.

There are some 18+ content upcoming so if you are under the age of 18, please DO NOT READ ON!










You must be wondering, what the xxx is he talking about? Actually, this English line is a direct translation of “我不吃这套”

我不吃这套 actually means – don’t give me this shit. Or “I’m not gonna believe what you said” but in literal translation word by word

我 = I

不吃 =  don’t eat

这 = this

套 = condom (a lot of times 套套 means condom, but it’s not always the case. They use the word condom here just to make it more funny)

I love how hilarious this emoticon is, because of his facial expression, the confidence in his smile, the totally absurd English translation, and the condom he’s actually holding behind his back. LOL. classic!


Last but not the least, another crazy 18+ emoticon to wrap this up. (There are of coz many many other even more crazy emoticons available, but but I have a brand image to maintain, lol, so I shouldn’t reveal too much, oops)


(Caption translation: “Good morning, everyone!”)


(The last one wasn’t posted by me wechat-emoticon-smirk


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CNGAG girl

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