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Hey everyone, my name is L.

I’m just an ordinary Chinese girl who was born and raised in China. My hometown is…. oh well, you wouldn’t have heard of it ever.

Ever since I was 19, I had lived in the UK before moving to Singapore. I noticed there are English jokes sites as well as Chinese jokes sites, but there isn’t any site that translate or even better, decipher Chinese jokes to western audiences. Therefore an idea of creating such a site was born.

China, a gigantic country with population of 1.357 billion, has the weirdest, craziest and, ironically, probably the smartest people on earth. What a waste it would be to keep all the jokes to ourselves? I’m sure there are foreigners who are extremely interested in Chinese culture out there, and what’s better than learning about it through cracking Chinese jokes like a pro? At the very least you get to laugh a little (or LYAO) every time you check out our site! I will deliver not only the funniest Chinese jokes, the craziest Chinese photos and videos, but also the interpretation of the most trendy Chinese slangs and idioms. You may even pick up some ancient Chinese wisdoms along the way!

Whenever you are interested in learning about any jokes that you don’t understand, feel free to email me at, I’ll make sure I answer all your questions!

Happy laughing!


CNGAG girl