he is so worried about me, but who is he?

Just a note, the “Delivery man” here usually work for express post companies (such as “FedEx” in a western context). The most famous express post companies in China are “Shun Feng 顺丰” (best quality), “EMS”, “Shen Tong 申通”, “Yuan Tong 圆通” etc. We all know Taobao & Alibaba in China has a huge business but nothing can be done without the support of these express delivery companies. They are extremely fast and delivery guys’ services are usually top-notch. They usually build 1:1 personal relationship with the recipients. Here is another joke about express delivery in China: Express Delivery FTW.




Conman messages in China are so common nowadays that people will just see them as jokes. Most of people would choose to ignore but when you are extremely free, might as well just tease them a bit. Checkout the below for example:

Conman No. 1: A suspicious charge of your credit card

Chinese conman bluff chat history

Conman No. 2: Boyfriend being hit by a car